Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mmmm ... Bokashi ...

After logging my fertilizer approach yesterday, I saw this post at Path to Freedom talking about how they've gone a full year without adding any organic NPK fertilizer. I take that to mean they're all homemade compost (which for them would include chicken and goat droppings) and I gather they also add rock dust.

One of my general goals is to spend as little as possible on gardening. I'm not there yet, but maybe at some point I'll set a $0 year budget for the garden and see how it goes. I don't yet have a good sense of how fertile my soil is and how much it relies on the purchased amendments. Better record keeping and the journaling I'm doing here will help me with that, I hope.

But I am rather skeptical of this EM business Path to Freedom is talking about. It sounds like compost tea to me, and you can make that yourself. Bokashi, I guess, is bran and sugar soaked in EM. How's that different from cottonseed meal getting soaked in your garden with compost tea (or rainwater seeping through compost)? It is Japanese though, so I guess that makes it pretty cool.

There are also a couple of good links there on rock dust -- I'm thinking I may need to get another bag of the Minerals Plus.

And if you're not familiar with Path to Freedom, they're some true believers -- a family with 1/10 acre yard in Pasadena who are shooting to harvest 10,000 pounds of food this year.


Anonymous Bokashi Man said...

I think Bokashi is an awesome way to compost. Especially if you're living in a smal apartment (without a yard) like me.

Thanks for a nice little read.


February 21, 2010 6:50 PM  

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