Friday, June 27, 2008

Brandywine, all the guys would say she's mighty fine.

Last year, I was just about convinced that I wouldn't grow Brandywines again. They're kind of the Platonic ideal of an heirloom tomato -- good size, sweet tomato flavor, meaty and tender -- but last summer they didn't bother to put on any fruit until about July, by which time I was only able to get about 2 or 3 of them. I figured they were just too big and thirsty for Texas, despite it being the year of the monsoon.

So fast forward to this year and my one Brandywine (I let it back into the garden on probation this time) has just given up a flush of nearly-perfect hefty pink fruits with 3 or 4 more coming soon and a couple of late setters on the vine.

It's good to see they can do so well. Probably all the rain last year caused a lot of the blossom drop, and possibly my new zeal for kelp and bonemeal helped with the fruit set, but it's safe to say that Brandywine will be getting renewed for the 2009 season.

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OpenID east-side-patch said...

Enjoyed reading your blog - your tomatoes are terrific - Mine were hilarious this year! check them out! Thought I would just say hi to another Austin East-side gardener. Keep up the good work.

June 29, 2008 10:32 AM  
Anonymous Laura said...

My grandma only grew Brandywine as a fall tomato. Not sure why exactly, but I do the same.

June 29, 2008 6:12 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

East-Side, You've got a very entertaining blog. I hope you're getting some of this rain that's pounding our house at the moment.

Laura, keep me posted on your Fall efforts. I never seem to muster the necessary enthusiasm to grow in the Fall, but I've got a couple of seedlings started from seeds I accidentally sprouted while saving. Hopefully I can get them going outside sometime next month.

June 29, 2008 10:22 PM  

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