Sunday, August 17, 2008

The daily squash report

The acorns are both still kicking, although the one I planted amid the cantaloupes is kind of stunted, probably due to it being planted in barely-amended native soil. The control squash is growing like crazy. I'll have to expound on these confounding factors when I submit my paper to the American Journal of Squash Growin'.

In sad news, the butternut has succumbed to Tha Itis.

That's the sad sight I found when rearranging its stems today. I've been checking daily for moth eggs and have seen none. I had been assuming that its poor growth was due to the brutal heat that has burnt its growing tip to a crisp twice, but it looks like the little bastards snuck in on me.

On a positive note, the Tromboncino planted 3 feet away seems fine so far. This might give some support to Matt's vine vs. bush idea -- my butternut was a bushy variety while the Tromboncino is very viny.

Now, if I can just keep the survivors alive for a couple more weeks, I may be set. And hey, it only got up to 93 today. Cold front!


Blogger Lewru said...

You know, that's odd, but my experience with squash this year was the same a Matt's. The butternut self-seeded, came up super early out of the transplanted compost, and went wild. It's still producing. But several other types I tried later in the year gave up the ghost before reaching 2 feet in length. Wonder if time of year could affect it, too? I first noticed my volunteer on March 29 which is ridiculously early.

August 18, 2008 8:52 AM  

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