Monday, March 30, 2009


Man, I got so much done this past weekend, I can't even blog about it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And they're off

After a wonderful 3-day rain last week, and temps back in the 80's this week, it looks like Spring may be here for reals. So let's get to plantin'!

Tomato seedlings, y'all ready to go?

Hmm. OK, not sure what the problem was this year, but I'll guess a combination of waiting too long to pot up from sprouts, sowing the seeds too densely, and maybe a weak grow light situation for the first month. Give me a break though, my attention was elsewhere .

If I'm lucky these guys may be big enough to plant out sometime in August. So, today after baby's first movie outing (The Watchmen is totally appropriate for a 6-week old, right?) we headed towards Great Outdoors, but instead stumbled across the very friendly and affordable PlantEscape Gardens, where I picked up some professionally-grown seedlings. You know, just to get things started.

That's Brandywine, Better Boy, Rutgers and Valley Girl. I've been meaning to try some hybrids, so I'm particularly interested to see what the Better Boy does.

So away we go. Tomato sandwiches are on the way. And hopefully my seedlings will put on a growth spurt and let me get them in the ground by April. I'll get seedlings figured out one of these years.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Let me just avoid any seed planting, bean sprouting or fruit ripening cleverness and cut to the chase.

The Crazy Billionaire household got a new gardener on February 3. She's been a pretty good baby so far, generally scheduling her fussy awake times to mostly daylight hours. And she's left me more time than I expected for seed-starting, bed-digging and watering, if not garden blogging.

Her arrival has accompanied another tempting early Austin spring that has everything in the garden perilously sticking out stems, leaves and blossoms, and me, as usual, itching to plant with no idea where to put everything.

But those are minor problems. It's been, metaphorically, a long cold snowy winter, but here comes the sun and it's alright.

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